Decree Law 13/2023 with “Urgent provisions for the implementation of the NRRP has been published in the Official Gazette.

The measure, which has been in effect since Saturday, Feb. 25, must now be converted into law; it contains a number of innovations for renewable sources, including reductions in buffer strips, exemptions from the EIA and simplifications for agrovoltaic projects.

Renewable Energies

Regarding renewables (Art. 47), the process for installing photovoltaic systems in areas of industrial, artisanal and commercial use, as well as in landfills and quarries that are no longer subject to exploitation, has been made easier. Their installation, in fact, is considered “ordinary maintenance activities and is not subject to the acquisition of permits, authorizations or acts of consent however named.“. So a simple DIL (Declaration of Commencement of Work) would be enough.
However, we will have to wait for the conversion into law (maximum deadline on 24/04/2023), which could introduce corrections.