Renewable Energies

Warex s.r.l. has been designing and building a wide range of photovoltaic systems and solar parks since 1984.

Both grid-connected and stand-alone installations.

Our experience in managing large projects allows us to guarantee the best results for our customers.

In particular we can carry out the following activities.


1. Identification of the site

2. Technical solution for connection to the grid

3. Analysis of landscape constraints and other requirements of local authorities

4. Management of building authorisations according to current laws


1. Grid connection management
2. Make any public funds available
3. 3D Rendering
4. Detailed design of foundations
5. Detailed design of the support structure
6. Design of the system in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
7. Workers safety plans according to applicable laws
8. Project timeline
9. Final documents compliant with grid connection regulations.
10. Start-up and commissioning
11. Final plant test


  • Support structures for photovoltaic modules
    for ground-mounted and roof-top systems
  • DC – AC inverters
  • String switchboards and general switchboards
  • Low and medium voltage cables and wiring
  • Medium voltage equipment
  • Accessories and fittings
  • Monitoring systems
  • Remote control systems

Construction And
Site Management

  • Civil works
  • Precast concrete shelters
  • Assembly of support structures
  • Assembly of photovoltaic modules
  • Wiring
  • Putting into production
  • Landscaping and planting
  • Turnkey implementation

Operation, Maintenance
& Monitoring

Operation, Maintenance
& Monitoring

  • Management

  • Remote management

  • Ordinary maintenance

  • Extraordinary maintenance

Revamping & Repowering

A refurbished photovoltaic system to make the most of its potential!

Revamping and Repowering of large photovoltaic plants from 1 MWp upwards with the GSE Feed-In tariffs

REVAMPING: the replacement of the strategic components of the system (photovoltaic modules and inverters) with new products:more performing and with new guarantees.

REPOWERING: in consideration of the higher efficiency of the new photovoltaic modules, the power of the system is increased with a section that will only sell the electricity to the free market, leaving the old components.
For further information download the PDF.

Photovoltaics And Agriculture: Agrivoltaics!

The agrivoltaic is a business model in which the production of electricity, protection of the soil and vegetation are integrated.

The main doubt that emerges is related to the possible loss of productivity of agricultural activities, due to the lower illumination of the soil

But experience shows that for some species there is no impact.

Indeed, the environment between the rows and under the photovoltaic modules remains cooler, reducing evaporation rates in the hot season and causing less stress to the plants.

Oil & Gas:
Solar Power System “K10”

The K10 Series Solar Power Systems are suitable for powering electrical utilities in remote areas away from the power grid.

Monitoring of oil and gas pipelines are essential for the management of these networks.

K10 systems guarantee the power supply of electro valves, data transmission systems, etc.

“Watermax”: Solar
Pumping Systems

WATERMAX type solar pumping systems, in the absence of electricity, pump water for any use.

The solar modules produce electricity which, through an MPPT inverter, powers electric pumps of all kinds.

The system pumps water from wells, rivers or lakes when the sun is available, thus accumulating water in a tank ready for any type of use.

For further information download the PDF.


Warex expertise in the water transport and pumping sector and in the field of photovoltaic energy finds its natural synthesis in the hydroelectric industry.
Hydroelectric plants transform the energy of the water into electricity.
Thanks to its hydroelectric turbines, electricity is produced both day and night by leveraging the energy of waterways.


Our clients are:

  • Public institutions
  • Italian and foreign investment funds
  • Main Contractors
  • Oil Companies
  • Industries
  • Private companies
  • NGO

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