NRRP FRAMEWORK OF MEASURES AND RESOURCES (Billion Euro) – 1.5 Billion Total Measure 2 Component 1.2 Investment 2.2

Investment 2.2: Agri-solar Park.
Italy is among the European Union countries with the highest direct consumption of energy in food production (third after France and Germany). Total energy costs represent over 20% of variable costs for farms, with higher percentages for some sub sectors.

The project, visible in the picture above, aims to achieve the goals of modernization and use of roofs of buildings in the agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial markets for the production of renewable energy, thus increasing the sustainability, resilience, green transition and efficiency of the industry and contributing to animals’ welfare.

In particular, the project aims to support the installation of approximately 0.43 GW solar panels on a total area of 4.3 million square meters, without land consumption and providing, at the same time, a regeneration of the production plants by removing asbestos on the roofs (if any) and/or improving insulation and ventilation.

The photovoltaic system will be installed on the 2 roof pitches of 3 sheds with an inclination on the horizontal of 15° and the following dimensions:
minimum length 20.00 m;
minimum width 7.50 m;
minimum surface: 6 x 20.00 x 7.50 = 900 m2
About 150 kWp can be installed on such surface.
The cost of this solar system is € 1,200/kWp.
€ 1.200,00 x 150 = € 180.000,00
65% NRRP non-refundable aid = € 117.000,00
Funding: € 63.000,00 ; 10 annual installments of € 6.800,00 costs
Production: 206,000 kWh/year x 0.15 (*) €/kWh = € 30,900.00 income!