The Single Commissioner for Water Treatment Maurizio Giugni calls all of the industry’s economic operators to verify the feasibility of numerous projects to be implemented in the Region of Sicily, Italy in the course of 2022.
The total allocated budget it is almost 120 million euros.

Following is the list of the 12 projects for eleven agglomerations currently in EU infringement for failing to apply the Directive on urban wastewater.
These are important public works which have finally come to their execution phase.

Budget in Euros
AdranoAdaptation works of the wastewater treatment plant in the town of Adrano and expansion of the sewer network16.200.000,00
Caltagironecompletion of the sewer system of the town of Caltagirone10.032.389,61
Gioiosa MareaAdaptation works of the waste water treatment plant in the Zappardino area to serve the towns of Gioiosa Marea e Piraino4.482.972,59
Gioiosa MareaEnhancement and adaptation of the wastewater treatment plant loctaed in San Giorgio1.524.451,79
Mazara del ValloEnhancement of the wastewater treatment plant “Bocca Arena”3.620.000,00
MilazzoRestructuring and adaptation of the wastewater treatment plant and the submarine pipeline located in Contrada Fossazzo7.604.272,40
Militello Val di Catania, Scordia“Adaptation of the consortium wastewater treatment plant in Scordia – Project to enhance and adapt the wastewater treatment plant to completion” and “Construction of the sewage collector from Militello to the wastewater treatment plant in Scordia”12.075.368,77
MisilmeriProject to enhance and adapt the purification plant10.220.000,01
PalermoElimination of sewage drains in the Boccadifalco Canal by conveying them into the downstream network4.346.151,06
Santa FlaviaCompletion of the sewer network5.652.250,00
Vittoria“Enhancement and adaptation of the Vittoria wastewater treatment plant” and “completion of the sewer network in the Scoglitti fraction”23.000.000,00
Castellammare del GolfoConstruction of a new wastewater treatment plant18.422.100,14