O & M Operation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Plants

1. Analysis and production reports

Warex monitors and analyzes in real-time the electricity produced by each photovoltaic plant. A monitoring system will also automatically inform and alert the O&M managers, allowing rapid response to minimize the production losses.
Weekly reports are drawn up by offering a full range of performance information of the customer.

2. Inspection and preventive maintenance

Damage to photovoltaic plant can be caused by meteorological agents, animals or people. Warex, from the control and monitoring room, makes daily checks and handles preventive maintenance action in order to avoid the risk of plants being out-of-order and giving particular care to the inverter.

3. Administrative management

Warex manages relationships with utilities (e.g. Enel), with insurance companies and public entities (GSE, AEEG, Customs Agency, etc.) and quickly solves any problem that arises from bureaucratic aspects which, in turn, could jeopardize the incoming cash flow.

Good plant maintenance and/or revamping are critical to the economic performance of the same plant. With Warex the return on your investment continues year after year.
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4. Warranty and O & M

The owners of the plants risk to lose the effectiveness of guarantees given by the EPC Contractors and/or the manufacturers of the major components if their O & M service provider does not operate properly, having the management and maintenance of the components according to the requirements of warranty.
The modules require proper cleaning methods as well as regular preventive maintenance of inverters and other materials and components should be carried out with the utmost professionalism.
The Warex "O & M standard" contract guarantees the best performance of the photovoltaic plant.

5. Repowering

The causes of significant loss of performance of a photovoltaic plant can be different: design errors, installation mistakes, failures of components or poor quality of management and maintenance.
These losses often remain hidden because of lack of knowledge or, at worst, due to a general lack of expertise or willingness to determine to what extent the lower production is a result of solar radiation lower than expectations.
This refers in particular to cases where there is a potential conflict of interest, such as when the company that runs the plant is also responsible for the service O & M. Warex puts photovoltaic systems under test through a proven and effective method, and offers a free first performance audit based on actual performance data. Only if you are convinced of the initial results, the analysis will continue with an in-depth audit of repowering.
Based on extremely detailed analytical approach we evaluate every technical, legal and business opportunity for the repowering of your plant and, through customer's instructions, proposed interventions are carried out.

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